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Ceramic Oil Burner- Deep Blue

Ceramic Oil Burner- Deep Blue

This adorable ceramic wax/oil burner, has been handcrafted by Beck on the pottery wheel. Made using Australian stoneware clay and glazed in our custom deep blue glaze, we know it will look absolutely stunning in any space. Simply light a tealight (included) and add your favourite essential oil blend and let the aroma transport you.


To use, place the tealight into the main vessel and place the dish on top. Fill the dish with water and add 5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil, can also be used with a wax melt instead. Light the tea light and wait for the aroma to fill your room!


Handmade, glazed wax/oil burner.

Removable dish for ease of use and cleaning.

Approximate dimensions: 9.5cm high x 7.5cm diameter

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