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Ceramic Vessel Scented Candle: Chai

Ceramic Vessel Scented Candle: Chai

The air is filled with the inviting aroma of a piping hot Chai Latte. Warm spices, cinnamon, ginger and clove indulged in layers of creamy vanilla.


Each candle vessel is hand thrown, hand painted and uniquely crafted by Beck. Your candle is then hand poured with premium coco soy wax and blended with the highest quality essential oils.


Once the candle is finished, you can have the vessel refilled by our collaborator Javawix or you can repurpose it into a tumbler, espresso cup or little container.


Handmade, handpainted and glazed vessel.

Soy wax candle with wooden wick, hand poured in Ballarat.

Approximate dimensions: 7cm high x 8cm diameter

Approximate capacity: 200ml

Approximate weight: 425g



  • Wooden wicks create a horizontal flame that throws more heat into your candle quicker, so even though it burns slower and lower, a wooden wick candle will heat up your fragrances and creates a scent thrown into your room in less time.
  • Wooden wick candles typically produce a lower, smoldering flame, which will consume your candle at a slower rate and thus burn longer!
  • The depth and purity of the scent throw, the amazing crackling ambiance and the options for sustainability and responsibly sourced materials make wooden wicks a winner
  • NOTE:

    To wash the wax off, pour hot water into pot and then rinse off the wax. Then put in dishwasher for a thorough clean before using again.


    To get vessel refilled please contact Javawix via email and be sure to tell Lyndel that you have a Beck Davies Ceramics vessel you’d like refilled

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