Hi there, my name is Beck Davies and I am very proud to be the maker of all the ceramic products you see here.

I once lived a very beige life. I had all the on trend furnishings and accessories in every shade of neutral available. From the outside looking in, my life was the perfect picture of happiness but the truth was my life spark was quickly fading with every passing day.

Fast forward a few years and I have upended that old life to create a life of authenticity, passion and plenty of colour. As a single mum of three, I made the decision to follow the dreams I had in my late teens and go to Uni to get my Bachelor of Visual Arts and then went on to get my Graduate Diploma in Ceramics too. 

It makes me so happy to now offer pottery classes, pottery workshops and pottery sales in my Ballarat studio.

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This gorgeous bunch are my reason why and are easily my greatest supporters.

My three beautiful children did the hard yards with me whilst I was at Uni, stepping up to help out with dinners and give their mum a hug when she felt overwhelmed with the workload.

With the addition of Josh to our family I am further supported to continue following my dreams. He now does the hard yards convincing me to keep going when I doubt myself.

If it weren't for this crazy crew's support I doubt I would have ever had the courage to make my art or send it out into the world to be enjoyed by you. I am eternally grateful for their unconditional love and support.


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