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Beck Davies Ceramics

" I may not be able to change the world, but I can make it a little more colourful. "

How it all started

Growing up Beck always loved being creative, her earliest memories are of colouring books, making mud pies and pretending to be 'Miss Rachel Elizabeth Smith', the art teacher, are some of her favourites.

Beck finally took the leap to pursue a life of art in her mid 30s, studying a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ballarat. Convinced that she would find a career as a photographer, having always had a love of this media, it was a short course in pottery that lead her down a new a surprising path. Her instant love of clay lead her to follow up her degree with a Graduate Diploma in Ceramics.

Beck now makes bright rainbow coloured ceramic homewares, and loves creating whimsical sculptures just for fun. She just loves seeing her pieces bring colour and joy to other people's lives.

Over the last few years Beck opened up her studio in Ballarat, passing on her pottery skills to other pottery enthusiasts, through courses, workshops and clay dates. Beck finds teaching so rewarding, the best part is seeing her students' eyes light up when they finally hold their finished pieces.


With the birth of her youngest daughter in 2022, Beck took a step back from teaching only running the occasional workshop.


Beck is now on an extended break from teaching to focus on her own practice.


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